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SEEED Permablitz April 2, 2016

SEEED is a well established non-profit in Morningside that focuses on creating and sustaining jobs for Knoxville’s urban young people, as well as ensuring that clean energy technologies are available for low income residents.  Some years back, SEEED's students created a community garden, complete with fruit trees and raised garden beds, as an answer to the food desert in inner-city Knoxville.

KPG has redesigned the garden space to be more resilient and to mimic the natural ecosystem without disturbing the surviving trees.  The new landscape includes berry bushes and native ground covers, as well as berms and swales because it is on hillside.  We will complete the entire plan in phases.  These are photos from Phase One.


Blitz Time!

Finishing Touches

July 2016

The existing fruit trees where we dug the swale, planted fruit bushes and pollinator plants, and laid mulch are flourishing and laden with fruit!  The trees have doubled in size and health.
Compare the landscape above to these existing tree (also in the landscape) where we haven't redesigned with permaculture.