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Hope Central of Knoxville

"I cannot begin to share what a blessing Saturday was!!!  The amazing trees and bushes and plants are a longtime gift to us and to the neighbors!    Our yard is beautiful filled with a bounty of health!  But in addition to the physical fruit ... The fruit of fellowship and friendship and team spirit ---  gifts that run deep!  I am grateful for so many elements of this effort.   It was so much more than a one day event for our kiddos!  Thank you and thank you again."
Veta Sprinkle
Hope Central of Knoxville
On November 14, 2015, many volunteers of all ages came out to assist the Knoxville Permaculture Guild with it's Fall 2015 permablitz.  The entire permablitz took about 5 hours, and at the end of it all, a beautiful perennial edible landscape stood where it was once simply grass.  Volunteers learned some things about permaculutre design and met some of the little people who will directly benefit from the landscape.  We had many of our old friends come out, and we met a lot of new friends, too.  Overall, it was a lovely day filled with work, laughter, comraderie, and purpose. 
Thank you to Hope Central for feeding us; Stanley's Greenhouse for donating several flats of greens and giving us a big discount for the trees; Abbey Fields for giving us wood chips,  Three Rivers Market whose Partnership makes projects like this come to fruition; and our Friends and volunteers...THANK make culture resilient!
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  1. Managing Director
    October 18, 2015
  2. Managing Director
    November 15, 2015
  3. Managing Director
    November 14, 2015 at 10:15 am
  4. Managing Director
    Guild Consultant, Mark Tedsen
  5. Managing Director
    Veta Sprinkle of Hope Central explaining what we are doing to the yard.
  6. Managing Director
    Inside Hope Central's Hope House.
  7. Managing Director
    The Sunphere depicted in a mural inside Hope Central.
  8. Managing Director
    Young hostesses helping prepare breakfast for the volunteers.
  9. Managing Director
    Volunteers, Kalie, Alisha, and Brian, digging swales.
  10. Managing Director
    Volunteers, Benjamin and Brian, digging swales.
  11. Managing Director
    The kids volunteering with the landscape.
  12. Managing Director
    Volunteers, Millie and Alisha, coaching the kids.
  13. Managing Director
    Guild Consultant, Mark Tedsen sheet mulching around the tree location.
  14. Managing Director
    Little volunteer.
  15. Managing Director
    Little volunteer.
  16. Managing Director
  17. Managing Director
    Little volunteers assisting with the sheet mulching process.
  18. Managing Director
    Volunteers of all ages.
  19. Managing Director
    The scene from the street sometime around noon.
  20. Managing Director
  21. Managing Director
    Little volunteer.
  22. Managing Director
    Mark getting some assistance as he lays cardboard over the sheet mulch as a weed barrier.
  23. Managing Director
    Permaculture Design Plan by Chad Hellwinckel, Mark Tedsen, and Geoff Trowbridge
  24. Managing Director
    Almost ready for the peach tree.
  25. Managing Director
    Breakfast prepared by Hope Central volunteers.
  26. Managing Director
    Volunteers hard at work.
  27. Managing Director
    guild Consultant, Geoff Trowbridge, and his dad, Dick, fill wheelbarrows all lined up and ready to go.
  28. Managing Director
    Little volunteer realizing that handling a wheelbarrow is more challenging than it looks.
  29. Managing Director
    Volunteer and Master Gardener, Amy, giving a lesson on sucker roots.
  30. Managing Director
    Volunteer, Matt, working with a little volunteer to plant a blueberry bush.
  31. Managing Director
    Volunteer and Guild Consultant, Geoff Trowbridge, planting a raspberry with a little volunteer.
  32. Managing Director
    Volunteers, Millie, Kerry, and Amy, planting the raspberry and blueberry hedgerow.
  33. Managing Director
    Volunteer, Kerry, planting a blueberry.
  34. Managing Director
    Guild Consultant, Mark Tedsen, enjoys a rest after a long day of permablitzing.
  35. Managing Director
    A job well done.