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5 years later...

2008 Permablitz

Start Building Resilience in Knoxville!

Friends of the Guild play an integral part in fulfilling the KPG mission.  Our Friends enjoy learning about permaculture, attending events, and volunteering.  Their contributions of time, energy, ideas, money, as well as their diverse talents make KPG possible.
A forest garden is a food and habitat producing landscape that acts like natural woodland, which integrates all the elements into a smoothly working system.  Forest gardens contain layers, and all layers are essential for a thriving ecosystem. 
As layers are to the forest garden, Friends of the Guild are to KPG.  KPG recognizes the importance of all levels of involvement from volunteering to monetary donations.  Monetary donations are accepted as a means to keep KPG rolling but are mainly used to fund the permablitzes in Knoxville's urban mixed income areas.  All donations are tax deductable.
Annual Donation Amounts
1. Vertical Layer (Climbers and Vines)
      $1000 +
2. Rhizosphere Layer  (Root Crops)
      $500 - $999
  3. Soil Surface Layer (Ground Cover Crops)
      $200 - $499
 4. Herbaceous Layer (Herbs and Flowers)
      $100 - $199
 5. Shrub Layer  (Currants and Berries)
      $50 - $99
 6. Sub-Canopy Layer (Dwarf Fruit Trees)
      $10 - $49
7. Canopy Layer  (Large Fruit and Nut Trees)
  • These are the permaculture warriors who show true grit and commitment with their time donations.   They do things like continuously and dutifully show up to permablitzes, help secure partnerships with business sponsors, assist with fundraisers, organize volunteers, write grants, and use their diverse talents to support the KPG mission.

Please makes checks payable to:
Knoxville Permaculture Guild

Checks may be mailed to:
Knoxville Permaculture Guild
c/o Appalachian Community Fund
507 S. Gay Street   Suite 1120
Knoxville TN 37902-3625


Thank you to our Friends for their support!

Benjamin Conaway; Sub-Canopy Layer
Millie Dennis; Sub-Canopy Layer
Annie Gray; Shrub Layer
Shirley Hartman; Soil Surface Layer
Douglas Holt; Shrub Layer
Davett Jones; Sub-Canopy Layer
Ron & Kathy Johnson; Herbaceous Layer
Dick Trowbridge; Shrub Layer