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Consultations and Collaborations

Not everyone needs a full on permablitz, but we all need some guidance sometimes.  These are other projects, consultations, and collaborations that don't entail the entire permablitz model.

Old Sevier Community Group

The Old Sevier Community Group received a city grant in 2015 to install butterfly gardens on and around the South Knoxville Waterfront to restore habitat that's been affected by the recent development.  This patch of on Sevier Ave suffers fron serious erosion due to construction when the the road was redone.  Though the area around it seems to be filling in, this area remains an eyesore and was designated as a No Mow zone by the City of Knoxville.  We advised that the group build two swales and bring in as much biomass (compost. mulch, old wood) to fill the swales and cover the area.  We hope to build the soil and stop the erosion so the plants will have a chance in this inhospitable spot.

April 11, 2016

April 16, 2016

3810 Knott Ave

This lot is owned by Matt Deen who is Director of JustLead at Laurel Church of Christ.  He works with many immigrant and refudgee families through his Church and in the neighborhood.  This land was purchased for the sole purpose of building a community garden.  KPG consultulted and advised that the annual gardens be built to contour.  We have assisted in designing the space so as to maximize growing space without compramising on the wants of the families who will utilize the space.  On April 5, 2016, we took an A-frame to the site and marked the contour for five annual garden beds.  On April 9, Matt organized a work day withthe families to build the space.  We hope to keep partnering with this site and have a full permablitz to install fruit trees and berry bushes in Fall 2016.

December 2015

April 9, 2016

Work day led by Matt Dean after Mark Tedsen and Chad Hellwinckel marked the swales and advised on how to do it!