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Are you interested in taking the extra step to become a Guild Consultant?

The Knoxville Permaculture Guild (KPG) is an association of professional craftsmen who set the standard of permaculture in the Knoxville region.  Guild consultants are experienced permaculture designers who hold a PDC (Permaculture Design Certification), volunteer with the KPG, contribute a yearly monetary dues, and determine the projects and priorities of the guild.
KPG Mission
The KPG seeks to regenerate primarily low income areas by applying permaculture design to create resilient healthy communities, to spread the principles of permaculture through demonstration and education, and to advocate for the implementation of permaculture in the greater Knoxville region.
Portrait of a KPG Consultant
Guild consultants are service oriented and committed to increasing the number of permaculture landscapes in the community.  Consultants see that current systems are not sustainable but can be fixed through proper design.  Consultants are dedicated to providing permaculture solutions that will grow and evolve to secure regeneration, resilience, and security for the region.
Guild consultants may or may not choose to operate their own private permaculture consulting businesses, which is a separate entity from guild work.  Being a paid permaculture consultant is not a requirement of the KPG.  Guild work is a call to service, and it’s a zeal for expanding permaculture landscapes through a collaborative methodology. 
KPG Consultant Responsibilities
  • Develop permaculture designs for permablitzes (individually or in collaboration with other consultants)
  • Implement and facilitate permablitzes (individual or in collaboration with other consultants)
  • Participate in a minimum of three (3) permablitzes per year either as a designer or laborer
  • Educate participants about permaculture, which includes how to care for the permablitzed landscape
  • Engage in Outreach as a representative of the KPG
  • Mentor individuals interested in permaculture
  • Attend KPG Consultant meetings (quarterly) as a KPG Advisory Council member
  • Provide recommendations and suggestions for the mission and direction of KPG as it evolves
 How the Application Process Works
Applications are received year round and are reviewed quarterly at the KPG Consultant Advisory Council meetings.  KPG consultants are responsible for electing new consultants.  The KPG does not discriminate against people of different races, genders, religious affiliations, political views, or sexual orientation.  Applications are open to anyone who meets the following requirements:
  • holds a Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) from a 72 hour course
  • volunteering at three KPG permablitzes prior to applying
  • shadowing existing consultants to ensure knowledge of design process
  • demonstrates responsibility, reliability, and commitment to the KPG
  • is willing to comply to the KPG Consultant responsibilities
Consultants can be voted off the guild for not abiding to KPG Consultant responsibilities, not following guild guidelines, or treating other guild members/clients disrespectfully.
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