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Welcome to the Knoxville Permaculture Guild

Started in 2008, KPG, became a registered nonprofit in August of 2015 exercising under the Appalachian Community Fund as a fiscal sponsor. KPG is operated by a director and KPG Consultants, who act as an Advisory Council to establish the focus, goals, and vision of the KPG.

Consultants hold a Permaculture Design Certificate from a 72 hour
permaculture course and usually have training, volunteer experience, or
life experience beyond the PDC coursework.
We are a service oriented group with the main service being focused in low or mixed income areas or for groups that serve clients of low and mixed income.  KPG Consultants develop a permaculture design, lead a permablitz, and educate recipients on care of the permaculture landscape.  Recipients receive a perennial edible landscape, a design map, and education on the maintenance of the landscape. The permablitz is also a time for Friends , supporters, and interested people to assist in planting the landscape and learn about permaculture from a KPG Consultant.

 KPG permablitz events are led by a KPG guild member and follow a permaculture design plan.
Permaculture Landscape Goals
5 year
Fall 2015
(complete) to implement and facilitate one permablitz in a mixed income area

2016 and 2017
to implement a minimum of four permablitzes each year (two in spring and two in fall) in mixed income areas for a total of 8 permablitzes

2018 and 2019
to implement a minimum of 6 permablitzes each year (three in spring and three in fall) for a total of 12 permablitzes
10 year
to have a minimum of 50 permaculture landscapes in the region with stewards who know how the permaculture system functions and to care for the evolution of the design.

Story of a Permablitz

Other Goals
  • to increase the interest of permaculture in the region
  • to encourage more PDC holding consultants in the region
  • to support affordable PDC training courses in the Knoxville region
  • to start a scholarship fund to assist a minimum of one person a year to attend a 72 hour PDC course outside the Knoxville area
  • to develop a PermaCorps to train stewards on the upkeep and maintenance for landscapes installed by the KPG
  • to launch an Urban Ag Land Trust

Past Knoxville Permaculture Guild Events 2008 through 2015

Permaculture Guild Events 2015
Events from 2008 through 2014
  • Lecture Series: Peter Bane Permaculture Lecture
  • Once Upon a Time Farm Tour
  • Film: Once upon a time in Knoxville
  • Lecture Series: Dylan Ryals-Hamilton
  • Movie: GMO: OMG
  • Lecture Series: Cliff Davis (2014)
  • Cob building workshop
  • One Straw Revolution Discussion
  • 1st Annual Knoxville Permaculture Guild Potluck (2012)
  • Food Day Event (2011)
  • Introduction to Permaculture
  • How to make good soil through composting
  • Canning clinic
  • Hugelkulture and Compost Work Party
  • 1st Permaculture Permablitz Edible Forest Workshop
  • Raising Urban Hens
  • Composting Workshop
  • Formation Meeting (2008)
Other Discussions
  • Winter Gardening with Cold Frames
  • Contour Gardening Workshop
  • Mad City Chickens Movie screening
  • Parkridge Community Garden Grand Opening
  • Movie FRESH
  • Knoxville Urban Hen Coalition Meeting
  • Cob Wall Workparty
  • Fundamentals of Permaculture Class
  • Mushroom Workshop
  • Mountain Justice Spring Break Lecture
  • Seed Swap
  • Tuchahoe Sustainable Neighborhood Tour
  • El Puente Garden Tour
  • Greenhouse Tour